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About me

hi my names veronica but you can call me vero. I’m in my fourth of architecture and i wouldn’t trade it for the world. i believe the best way to get to know someone or something is to understand the process so ill let you into my thoughts a little... not to long ago I was asked "what drives you?" I said the question to myself again and along with that question, came a thousands other questions... because as designers, we question everything, it's just what we do. the big question! ...what's design? too me it's the endless search for the beauty in things, it's about the process, the evolution of our thoughts. the evolution of yourself in the process. the reason why we are all here, to find something, and to find something you have to search for it. so we begin to search and we start finding connections at every scale. “it's all about the details" and the details lie in the depth. we learn how to read our thoughts, how beautiful is that?! ...those "ah ha" moments, in those moments we recognize our true self. we live for those moments. so what drives me? that inner force we all have to learn, understand, and feel something. too see the bigger picture of things. the reason we study what we study, to get others to see that bigger picture too. i believe i can make a difference and i hope you do too!


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Re-think the bag
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