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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


About me

moin moin (as we say in northern germany for 'hi'), we are team JAB from the sustainability jam hanover 2014. as you can see from our profile pic our persona (potential client) is called Juri. he is 40 years old, lives in hanover and is working almost all day. at least 8h, if not even longer. thus he is missing time for his real passion: sitting at the lake fishing. our key-question is: how can he become aware of his real problem? taking time for what he really loves to do? Therefore we worked on 'treams'. 'treams' is an app designed to visualize how much time you want to spend for your passions and show you how much time you have actually spent. it's something like your personal diary and time log for your personal time-goals in life. by actively thinking about and playing with your time-goals you may realize what you you are actually really doing in life. Spending time on what is really important to you? our jam group consists of five colourful and energized people who want to create and share new ideas. we are really looking forward to getting in touch with you and do hope that together we can make a change in our minds and if possible in our actions. Questions? Ask. Feedback? Tell us. Thanks for your time and all the best! JAB aka Jurin Anauu Bleg


how do you really want to spend time? Visualize and track it in a funny and rewarding way by using 'treams'.
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