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About me

Hello fellow Jammers! Man, 'about me' 's are never easy. It's difficult to distill one's self down to a few hundred words, don't you think? Ah well, here goes... The name is Ellery (yes, it rhymes with celery and no, I don't mind if you call me celery). I'm a 3rd year business student from Canada, partaking in my first Jam in Hong Kong during my exchange semester. Any opportunity to solve a problem, whatever the size or scope, can often get me feverishly excited. I'm fascinated and often become invigorated by other people and as such, I very much like working with and getting to know others. Inspired by the notable fluidity of life, my credo is to continually challenge one's preconceptions and understanding of the world we live in and thus feel it important to engage with one's fellow Earth dwellers and partake in as many new experiences as possible. During my 20 years of observation and experience, I've come to believe fear is more often than not not a worthwhile excuse to refrain from doing something, and as a result has led me to engage in some activities unimaginable a few years ago. On the less serious side: I have a deepening love for hip-hop, enjoy exploring cities by foot, can whip up a killer brunch, and recently made an headway on tackling my fear of heights by scaling the side of a 2000m+ mountain in Xi'an. I really would love the opportunity to meet you in person, so hopefully such can occur at this year's Jam. Look forward to sharing with you what will likely be a stimulating and awe-inspiring weekend!


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Projects 2012/2013

Stimulate curiosity about the impact of consumption by HK youth
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