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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


About me

Hi there! I'm Cinta, and I design & help people design behaviour change communication strategies for sustainable impact. My mission is to make Sustainable Lifestyle the norm in Asia. I work for Catalyze communications, an agency based in Bali, that lives and breathe with a single focus - to create solutions that seek and inspire for the Greener Good. Over the years, this focus has allowed Catalyze to work with the world's largest environmental organisations on urgent issues: helping people understand and appreciate the importance of marine protected areas, creating public pressure for corporations to commit to sustainable palm oil, and obtaining valuable insights into why people do or don’t recycle, among others. Through 8 years of experience working on such issues, we have become familiar with how to communicate them to a wide range of audiences. However, we had realized that this is not enough to change people's mindset on sustainability issues, and therefore, we have been adopting design thinking principles to provide a more user-centred approach to our communication solutions, which have worked out perfectly in providing our clients with better insights - and impact. We want to replicate our success, and inspire more people in Indonesia to take this approach. That is why we want to host the #BaliSustainabilityJam2017!


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