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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit



Brussels Sustainability Jam

How might we motivate consumers to consider zero waste as a life habit?
Citizenship. So easy, even a child can do it!

Curitiba Sustainability Jam 2017

Unifying the community with the purpose of improving it's security.
Create a local economy in the neighborhood
An application that converges sustainable products, services and events in Curitiba, powered by people.

Toronto Sustainability Jam 2017

Bags that are so cool that you want to put garbage in!
Navigation and social app for new cyclists to feel safer on the road
Drink Subscription gone wild
THINK TWICE, Helping you find sustainable alternatives to fit your personal style

Global HQ #GSusJam 2017

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Let the chicken roll

Santa Marta SusJam

Vehículo móvil de educación y transmisión de cultura por medio de la danza
Escuela de Cultura Carnavalera para fortalecer el talento infantil en Pescaito.
Recuperando las tradiciones de Pescaito
Recuperando las tradiciones de Pescaito
Promoviendo la Identidad de Pescaito
Es una feria familiar que busca educarlos enfocada en orientación.

Munich Sustainability Jam

Gamification-App to give reward for and motivate to sustainable behaviour.

Sustainability Jam Berlin

make cycling in berlin more enjoyable for EVERYONE
Sustainder is an app which challenges you and the community for beeing more sustainable in your daily life
How to teach children to distinguish between real and fake news! Meet "Fake or Fact?!" - a Youtube-Live Show
Bringing hot water to homeless people during winter.
A place where those fortunate can come together together and engage with those who are homeless.

Sustainability Jam Dresden

Socialize in real life and save the environment
motivation for engagement
we create a new thinking for public transportation
supporting local businesses by hosting private events for publicity and fun!
Helper for sustainable decision making, information, shopping and delivery service
eating together the sustainable way

Oulu Sustainability Jam

Make one meatless day possible!
Digital ID applied to social media
Solution to a problem of people not being in the moment due to extensive use of portable devices.
Smart bike rentals
A law which will make customers aware of the conditions in which the products they buy are made.

Bali Sustainability Jam - Denpasar

A travel app
Helping people take action when they see something and feel not confident to do it alone
Sustainability voting pool
Improving walkabilty within high foot-traffic area of Ubud, Bali
Reducing the air pollution in Bali, one village at a time!

Akmenė Sustainability Jam

Batic vehicle maker competition
lets go inside and play
A festival to make Akmenė known #MarsinEarth

Luxembourg Sustainability Jam

Sustainable mobile energy sharing
application to help youngsters bridge the gap
use people's waiting time at train station to generate energy

CDMX Sustainability Jam

Una ciudad a la vez
Servicio para el público que a través del desarrollo de software y hardware que aumentará el reciclaje.
Rewarding recycling with discounts for local buisnesses and online stores.
Practical and innovative service that reduces the environmental impact of electronic waste.
Panel to generate energy
Volviendo responsables a las personas a de un reto en el que les creará hábitos del cuidado al medio ambiente
Retire in a city which will help you improve your life style
Material didáctico para niños como solución a la sobrepoblación causada por la falta de educación sexual.



Madeira Sustainability Jam

Start here, do not end here.
Criamos uma solução para promover a interacção e a saúde

Ljubljana Sustainability Jam

Busy Family Box
Helping young adults create a family and find a suitable housing space
Bringing the community closer by sticking together. It has something to do with stickers, doh :)
Organize free community excercise sessions for people who do not have time

Tainan Sustainability Jam

Online SUS Information, Real SUS Experience, Make SUS Friends
Enivironmental and Music