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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Stick together

Bringing the community closer by sticking together. It has something to do with stickers, doh :)

This project focuses on bringing local communities closer, providing a fun and easy platform for a more connected, openminded and happier society.

Have you ever had a broken leg and needed someone to pick something up from the store?
Did you ever get stuck at work and were late to pick the kids up from school?
Did you ever wind up cooking way too much food and had no one to eat it with?
Do you have a car with 4 empty seats in it every morning and no parking space at work?
Do you ever get lonely or know someone who could use some company sometimes?

Step 1: You receive a municipality endorsed mail to your home mailbox.
Spet 2: Open it and see a bunch of stickers (and an explanation with an awesome pitch about these stickers). Fun, right?
Step 3: You stick stickers for services you offer and services you need to your mailbox to let your neighbors know you are in on the whole thing, so they will actively participate too!
Step 4 (optional): Register online to become visible on the map of services, participate in local debates, organize events or just find someone to hang out with.
fill out a form (it's in the leaflet you got in the mail!) and drop it off at a local establishment that supports our project (they have "stick together" stickers on their door) and one of our volunteers will register you.

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