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Bags that are so cool that you want to put garbage in!

Problem Statement: How might we offer a solution to help concert-goers improve waste management on site?

Solution: Bag-It

Target population: young professionals, millennials

Sample size: 10

Interview findings:
-people don't want to hold their cups while at a concert
-people don't want to leave their spots and go looking for a garbage can

Description: Customizable waterproof bag designed for concert goers to carry their waste, specifically beer cans, plastic bottles, and cigarette butts. Freedom to move around with no waste on the ground!!

1) Person registers online and is informed of Bag-It which they'll receive upon entry at the concert
2) Person receives their Bag-It when they arrive at the concert
3) Person wants to get another drink --> shows their Bag-It and skips the line
4) Person needs to go to the washroom --> shows their Bag-It and skips the line
5) Person leaves --> dumps their waste in the appropriate bin and can take their Bag-It home

3 Key Elements:
** Incentive to avoid lines in bars & restrooms
** You don't have to hold your garbage (or drop in on the ground and step on it!) while dancing
** Lightweight and convenient

Future considerations for Bag-It:
**Design your own bag!
**Partnerships with government and activewear companies

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