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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

"Bali Banjar Becik" Clean Air Village Campaign

Reducing the air pollution in Bali, one village at a time!

We believe that everyone in this world has a role in mitigating climate change. That's why we want to solve this problem from the ground up! We have created a toolkit that can be implemented in every 'banjar' (small village) in Bali - and hopefully the world.
Our focus is to get communities to adopt a new habit in using active & clean transportation system in their daily lives. Meaning, walking more, ride bicycle often, take public transport, etc. This all centers in behavioural change.
And we know, behavioural change is a complicated process. So, we make sure that our toolkit is integrative and inclusive. All levels of the community will have roles and take part in different programs, from bike to school programs to zero air pollution ceremonies, from health service incentive program to planting more trees.
The toolkit is a step by step guide for you be empowered to make that change your village needs. More than that, this program act as an award for villages with the cleanest air.
The implementation of the program is going to be funded by private as well as governmental institutions. This is an awesome CSR program for corporates and a good public service program for the government.

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