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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

The Bystander Neutralizer Project

Helping people take action when they see something and feel not confident to do it alone

The Problem: When we see something bad, for whatever reason, sometimes we stand by & don’t say anything

Our Goal: Empower the people standing by to take action

Our solution is two steps: online via smartwatch and phone apps and offline at a special cafe.


Imagine you saw a stressful situation and you didn't know how to involve yourself...

The Online Process: If you have a smartwatch, it would detect your stress through your heart rate, seeing that it increased quickly in a short time. The smartwatch would buzz, asking if you are alright. If you answer no, I'm not alright, it would send a notification from your phone, inviting you to chat with a live volunteer.

If you start the chat, the volunteer would make sure that you and the people around you are ok. They then would walk you through any steps, hesitations, and fears. Our goal is to encourage people and help them take the steps to intervene in negative situations.

After the situation is done, the volunteer invites them to go to a free cafe to celebrate their bravery.


The Offline Process: AcTink Cafe & Meetup, a crowd-sourced cafe that gives
 free food & drinks to people
 who interact with the app

The goal: Celebrate people trying to help by giving a physical space for sharing with people who care.

The steps:
1. Someone brings in their phone with a coupon from the app.
2. The barista welcomes them & offers free coffee or ice cream
3. People can exchange stories in a positive environment with real people

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