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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


United Arab Emirates

Dubai Sustainability Jam

Let's RAD it!
An app to raise environmental awareness
Platform for people to come together to implement environmental projects
ReThink how we interact with our devices

Melbourne Sustainability Jam 2016

Peer to peer support for Mums of newborns
How might we use technology for people at high risk of being displaced by technology for positive change?
Catch a lift to your next adventure by riding together with other students in Melbourne
transforming public spaces into places of cultural celebration
Proactive Community engagement about issues that they care about.

Londrina Sustainability Jam

Reeducar o indivíduo para o Desenvolvimento Durável.
Incentivo ao local
We wanna change brazilian education model

Sustainability Jam Wuhan

Help tramps to return to the mainstream social life.
Reclamation of waste paper to create papery goods.
exchange old books make a better life
The waste paper exchange the new paper and paper recycle.
shipping container
ideas sustainable
Let's creating for stray pets using our sincere love!
Express drifting

Bogota Sus Jam

PAPER LAB, where ideas based on recycled and reused paper can be created by children and their parents.
Servicio para generar pertenencia en personas de la región a partir de intercambio de conocimientos
Kit para la enseñanza sobre la sostenibilidad en edades tempranas
Compartir valor por medio del conocimiento
Servicio que aporte en la reducción de la pobreza por medio de lazos de amistad
#juntos trapeando el mar
Proyecto educativo para niños en zonas rurales
Experiencia de alfabetización creativa

Global HQ 2016

#juntos trapeando el mar

Kiez.Meets Sustainability Jam (Berlin)

Beer mats for collecting ideas to improve the wellbeing of Berlins neighbourhood "Schillerkiez"

Sustainability Jam Berlin

Imagine the power, be the power! Best buddy - the magical friend who is always there for you.
We want to help people make more sustainable decisions regarding their waste and consumption habits
Help Anna
Connect with your professional Idol

Sustainability Jam Dresden

MAKING wealth as a holistic combination of economical, social and ecological factors.

Sustainability Jam Essen

Papertopia means giving paper a new value.
We want women to reduce their toilet paper consumption to become paper-free after a pee.
VierViertel workingspace

Weltretter Jam Nuremberg

bring an old product made of paper and get another one, made from recycled paper which is more useful to you
Reads and translates any text (or sign) aloud
Reprintable paper + printer
School for children to develop own talents & purpose, be changemakers, learn ways to safeguard our future

Helsinki Sustainability Jam

How might we motivate city people to experience outdoors in the winter locally?
An online platform that connects schools so kids can collaborate on projects globally
United Kingdom

Brum Sus Jam 2016

Discover health and environmental information about food and its proximity to you
A project to cause a ripple effect for a more sustainable world. #TheRippleEffect

Edinburgh Sustainability Jam

Creating a platform for tracking waste
A platform for students across Edinburgh to discuss, plan projects and advertise events.
Can the re-purposing and re-use of items often considered waste be encouraged?

Sustainability Jam Shrewsbury

How might we find ways for people to re-connect with the 'real world'?
How might we find ways to make a regular 'happiness activity' the norm? (Edited)

Budapest Sustainability Jam

Think about footprint guerilla awareness campaign

isfahn Sustainability jam

job and education for blinds
construction trash is artisic
click market
Help to the Isfahan bazaar sellers and people
Why are widely used in Isfahan clean energy?

Tehran Sustainability Jam

Mutipurpose child's story books
buy less, read more
Sustainable Packaging!
Let the trees, read the books for many years next you.
Helping pre-graduate Students find their desired field of Study
All we need is to feel secure! Maava is an Arabic-Persian word representing REFUGE in English.
read it, listen it and know it
rebuild sustainability culture
Idea Hunting
Reuse More, Consume Less!
Beautiful Existance

Rome Sustainability Jam

MayPlay is a toolbox that contains a world of games
discover and share books for free
Collegamento tra Aziende con materiali da smaltire e Designer che li usano per realizzare prodotti
Give new life to your crap
South Korea


F5 is a program that allows office workers to sustain their office cultural better.
parents being able to have free time by finding nice neighbors who can take care of their babies for few hour

Guadalajara Sustainability Jam

One for one
We want to change the ecosystem of the cities by teaching the younger generation the value of plants
Community for sharing and caring
Sustainability Design
Libro tendedero
An app that allows others to travel in a book, while your book travels.
green station JAM 2016
Volar hacia el futuro, volviendo hacia el pasado.

Krakow MilkyWay Jam

Bring seniors to the world of technology in exchange for food - PAPU SWAPU
New live for old/used staff
Fly your drone safe and have fun!
Stworzenie oazy dla drobnego ptactwa np. wróbelka w istniejących parkach

Madeira Sustainability Jam 2016

Give your lefties a second chance

Ljubljana Sustainability Jam 2016

Bulb is app that help local shopper by giving discount to people that buy in local store.
Mobile home offuce for the rural areas.
An app to improve cultural understanding between refugees and host communities.
Mentors and facilitators.
Providing better media quality for the world
How to change consumption patterns

Tainan Castle Town Sustainability Jam


Tainan Sustainability Jam

The project of experience rural-areas life!
Senior Social Platform
experience sharing
let me see apple
#economic #farmer #change
United States

Miami Sustainability Jam

Built by, for others
Give an old textbook, and get credits for the next one.
Give an old textbook, and get credits for the next one.
See the impact your recycling can make