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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Trashlator and Trashunter

We want to help people make more sustainable decisions regarding their waste and consumption habits

Are you one one those people willing to reduce your footprint but still having no clue about how to do it?

Well, the is your time to thank God that the Avocados Team joined this jam!

We bring you the easiest, funniest and most inspirational TRASHLATOR for translating your waste-not-to-be-anymore into awesome stuffs!

But wait... are you too lazy to do something with your waste? then, Trashlator tells you where to take your waste-not-to-be to either enable other people to give it a second life or just giving it the best disposal.

And if this wasn't enough for you, then... what about an awesome and playful TRASHUNTING game where you can chase trashbags all around the city to put them right where they should be and thus winning creative useful waste management gadgets such as a compose maker (A.K.A. Dog) wouldn't you love it?

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