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Papertopia means giving paper a new value.


Papertopia means giving paper a new value.

Creating transparent possibilities to minimizes use.
Creating transparent possibilities to prevent the destruction of our nature.
The main point of sustainability is to tell the whole story
of a product or a service.
To achieve those goals we let our fantasy run wild and came up with three great ideas we would like to present you.

The first of our three ideas is the so-called “one book”.
Everybody likes to read books. But of course every single one is made of lots and lots of paper.

To use less, people came up with different solutions.

For example the so-called “e-book”.
Actually it is a really good idea, but there are people who rather buy real books because they like that urban feeling. Holding something non-digital in their hands, feel the sheets, turning the pages…
So we asked ourselves: “How can we minimize the use of paper in order to help nature to heal and recreate and keep that urban feeling of holding a real book in ones hands alive?”

This is our solution:
We create a normal book that is completely empty inside (no text on the pages), which has a little pocket where you can put in a microchip that contains the data (=text) of a book of your choice.
This way you are able to read every book you want without really buying a book out of paper.
This idea goes hand in hand with our second one:

The digital library.

It is a place where the microchips of all the books of the world are saved. It works the same way as a normal library, but instead of borrowing or buying books you just borrow or buy the chip and put it in your “one book” to read it.

Our last idea is called “papersharing”.

To use less paper we organize a campain where everyone in a town or community or even just the local neighborhood comes together to bring the paper they don´t need or use anymore. We can give those collected goods, for example, to schools or kindergartens to let the children use it or use it in completely different ways.
It is comparable to the principle of foodsharing.

P.S: We already tried this one and all we can say: It works folks!
We hope you enjoyed reading and exploring our ideas.

Thank you for being interested!

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