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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Think about it!

Think about footprint guerilla awareness campaign

We would like to raise everyone's awareness on the footprint of products (starting from food through electronics to all industries and considering the whole lifecycle of each product!) So they would stop and think about their impact and their influence / power to reduce this footprint by making conscious choices or even get to know what their choices are and what they mean. We created guerilla stickers which can be put on each product, as an indicator. There is also a website set up with information, with a template available to download for everyone, an outline of footprints which each individual need to colour in according to their perception of a product's overall footprint, then they stick it on the product in the supermarket. This way a guerilla movement would start where everyone can self-assess products and raise awareness of others. This is not based on scientific accuracy of course, but the initial goal is to raise awareness, to make people think and engage them in a fun way with the stickers, also achieving a snowball effect. They can participate and really feel the concept becoming theirs as well, making a connection and also having a mission to make other people "think about it!"
The aim of the website is also having a dedicated section where companies voluntarily upload data regarding their product's overall environmental footprint, to lead by example, set benchmarks, create brand trust via transparency. This would allow consumers to make more informed choices of their purchases.

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