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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Obiekty latajÄ…ce // DronePark

Fly your drone safe and have fun!

Drones and other flying objects in urban airspace become more and more popular. However they can be dangerous for people safety. At this JAM we are working on solutions that increase both awarness and safety of citizens and drones' users.

Our solution is the DronePark dedicated to passionates, amateures, children, professionals. DronePark is a social project located in urban space like unused post-industrial areas or green fields. The DronePark not colide with airports and other air traffic and is absolutely safe for air city zone.

This park offers not only the possibility of free drone flying but also provides educational, ispirational and bonding people events like drone shows, drone parades, drone competitions. The park can be both socially and comercially used.

As a user you can fly your drone or rent it. There are obstacle courses (that can be freely moved and changed). There is a school zone for beginners and there is also something for experienced users - the old factory buildings that they can fly in. Extras: You can also charge your drone. There is a cinema for drone movies and photes. There are also toilets.

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