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Iris konsumpcjonistka

New live for old/used staff

How to give the second life to things (give them up, get rid of them, transfer, gain)?

Our solution:
We would like to settle points of exchange of things (Giveboxes) , which we no longer use. There will be few types of points dedicated to special groups: moms and children, hipsters, elderly people, sportsmen, etc
Giveboxes will be like closets, where you can leave stuff, which you no longer need but is in good quality and condition, and pick some things other users left.
Specially for each groups the Giveboxes will be designed to answer their needs in a user friendly way – i.e. shelves for elderly on a middle level, so that they don’t bend or climb up on their toes.
Sportsmen Givebox have extra space for big objects, like bikes, etc.
Toy shelves will be on children height, so that they can easily reach the toys.
Besides of standing Giveboxes we have as well some mobile points of exchange, situated in big trucks, which can ride through the country.

Our Clients:
Everyone who wishes to get rid of excess stuff, which is in good condition, not throwing it away but giving a second life, so that others can still use it. As well as everyone who would like to find some stuff they need, not necessarily brand new.

*We are searching for volunteers, who can constantly look through the things people bring and choose good stuff, throw away the one which is too used or damaged.
*employing people lightly disabled
*B2B with place owners where we put our Giveboxes/social projects

At the beginning: word of mouth & social media, branded Giftboxes,

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