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Bring seniors to the world of technology in exchange for food - PAPU SWAPU

Older people (>60) have limited access to the online world due to lack of knowledge about computers usage. The main reason is no introduction to the new technology. The goal of the project is to introduce tech-evangelists which could help explaining how:
- computers, tablets, mobiles works
- how to use search capabilities in google,
- how to make shoping via internet inclding payments
- how to use basic software such as word, paint, excel

We want to introduce concept of tech clubs (PAPU SWAPU) where seniors could bring home made food such as dumplings, cakes, etc for exchange for know how from participants.

Initially only visitors would train seniors. In the later starge seniors could teach other team members so there would be train the trainer program.

Documentation included:
- Mind map
- Logo concept
- Stand concept
- Problems map(post its)

Submission files

Team members

Creative Commons Licence