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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

School of Sustainability and Innovation

School for children to develop own talents & purpose, be changemakers, learn ways to safeguard our future

Our initial inspiration was to driven by the 2030 UN Sustainable Development targets for Quality Education. We wanted to reinvent the future of education and help children discover their creative identity.
1. To motivate and inspire our children
2. Foster their skills, talents and competencies from an early age
3. Bring sustainable meaning and purpose to our children´s lives to be changemakers for the future.
We created Frieda as our inspiration. She is 5 years old, dyslexic, loves nature, observing birds and bugs and aspires to ´fly like a bird´. We hypothesized that in 20+ years time, she would invent a bird-like plane made from sustainable materials and fueled bz renewables.
We decided to create a school that we thought would inspire children like Frieda. The working model was a prototype called, ´The school of Sustainability & Innovation´.
We walked our model around the local town of Nuremberg. Results showed that some people worried too much freedom would not be good and lack the discipline in achieving the set goals of the existing system. Some parents said there was already too much education reform and that they would prefer the the original system they were in should be restored. We gathered some positive feedback and overall concluded we have to set up a new system alongside the existing one and find opportunities for integration.
We worked on finding how we could address stakeholder concerns such as funding model, how to ensure the education offered provided a solid foundation. We came up with a approach that would incorporate core requirements such as maths, literacy alongside the literacy in sustainability (environment, energy efficiency etc).
We set out an initial vision-strategy for our GREEN School´for children aged from 6-18
We have 3 key focus areas:
1. Green Facilities where we are committed to our environmental principles, energy efficiency etc
2. Purposeful learning, by design for our children with a solid foundation
3. Green behaviours and attitudes.

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