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buy less, read more

In the theme photo, we noticed lonely books; books that are running away or have been uselessly hung in the sun. This interpretation motivated us to think of the reason that has caused books to run away and be considered abandoned fugitives.

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To perceive the problem, we started to analyze the life circle process of a book from the time it is born to the moment it loses its function in terms of sustainability issues. We understood the problem lies or better say, we found out there are tons of environmental, economic and social problems that cause books and book-lovers not to feel well and effective. This was really frustrating. Then, it was our concern to think of a good solution.

To find a solution, it was necessary to concentrate upon one part of a book lifespan (production, distribution, use…) and we chose the section of which we’ve been a great part, i.e., the use or “reading” part.
We thought that how we could do something to read the existing books in the stores, houses or even PDF books on the internet in a more effective way. How we can get into the habit of reading more and more? This turn out to be our slogan: “Buy Less, Read More!”
To make this process more fascinating we thought of a social network in which users can find good books, buy books, borrow books, read books and in the end they can lend their books to their new friends. This way we could make a book lifecycle more interesting, engaging and influential.

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