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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


Reuse More, Consume Less!

After brainstorming according to the theme, we came to some general concepts including our thoughts and implications over the picture, which narrowed down to 3 keywords:
"Death", "Game", "Message". And after mixing up the final keywords we started to find problems and ideas around sustainable design.
After comparing our options to one another, we chose the one that we thought mattered the most, and was more likely to be developed in a short matter of time of course.
Our Final idea is about saving paper, people’s times and mainly about getting people more excited about reading and studying.
We’ve all been there, where you buy a magazine and you read it and then, after a week… oops! There’s another one coming out and you will also buy that. But what happens to the last one you bought, or the one before that?! Nothing! It’s probably under the couch.
So we thought, What if you could get rid of the printed pages or it could disappear automatically somehow?
That’s what we thought Instead of keeping tons of magazines that we won’t read again, we could have magazines for a week and with the ink getting faded, a notebook after that! So a magazine won’t be a magazine forever and will be able to change function over its lifetime.

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