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Let the trees, read the books for many years next you.

This is Phoenix group. The name has been inspired from a mythological bird which is long-lived and be able to cyclically be regenerated or reborn. This is why this group has designed a method upon this belief.

Phoenix has designed a sort of paper on which the text would appear by the thermal printing. Then the text could be disappeared immediately and a new text can be printed out. This kind of paper is useful for the things that need more papers like text books, magazines, and journals. To apply this specific paper, this group has also designed a machine operating like ATM that we call it PTM (Printing Temporary Machine). After accessing to a PTM, The customer should put the paper in a designed space (which has been said in the instruction), insert the card in PTM, select the text that is going to be printed, and print it out. If it is the first time to use this machine, selecting the text and pressing print bottom would be sufficient.
The advantages of using this method are: a) Using a paper for several times. b) Increasing the recyclable papers (because in this method, the industrial and natural materials can not be mixed with each other). c) Increasing the usage of the actual books d) Increasing the access to the books even if no bookstore or magazine kiosk is available. e) Decreasing the cost of each book for the customers by encouraging them to order their own book(s). f) Eliminating the costly cycle of collecting the unsold books and magazines.

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