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That was #GSusJam 2017!

on Mon, 08/20/2018 - 17:23

What an amazing journey in GSusJamland!

Our journey through GSusLand and all the different cities has ended! We are so happy to have been joined in this journey by cities all over the world who decided to create change and embrace “doing, not talking” for a whole 48 hours!

We are amazed at the quality and level of the prototypes that were created in just 3 days of Jamming. But we know everyone learned, enjoyed and connected because that is the magic of the Jam!


The range of possibilities, ideas and hypothesis is so broad and amazing! From mobility and cycling prototypes, dealing with fake news, challenging homelessness, reducing air pollution, improving walkability and building community identities; all projects challenged important issues faced globally right now. 

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made the Global Sustainability Jam possible:

All the Hosts who took on this incredible task and spread the word about the possibilities of Jamming
All the sponsors who supported the Jams and made it happen for people all over the world
Speakers and Mentors who enriched the journey of the Jam and added value to each stage
Every single Jammer who committed, created, and embraced the event. Thank you for your creativity and hard work. #youarethejam

We hope this experience inspired everyone who participated around the world, and that it will inspire participants to explore problems and generate solutions using different ways of working. Cherish these connections you created during the Jam, they are so valuable and will make your future discoveries richer and your next solutions actionable.

What an amazing journey! But it does not end here: the Jam lives on!

Greetings from Santa Marta, the 2017 HQ…

See you all next year!

Keep Jamming!