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Goodbye from Bogotá

on Sun, 11/06/2016 - 21:38
Jammers, having this journey with you has been a pleasure, the Global Sustainability Jam 2016 is over. We could be sad, but we have just received so many gifts:
- Jams in more than 25 cities engaged
- More than 600 Jammers connected
- More than 90 projects and prototypes
- More than 86 hours of learning about sustainability
In three days we did something amazing for the world we share – all over the world people planned, ideated, prototyped, tested and shared perspectives to improve different things under a motto of “doing, not talking”.
People worked for education, some others explored solutions to clean the ocean, other teams connected knowledge to help those who don’t have economic resources, and some created conscience about package disposal. We don’t have enough space to name all the initiatives, ideas and prototypes that were developed during these 86 hours of Jamming but we are sure that they are all JAMTASTIC!
Also, we would like to thank all Jammers that made this possible, and especially offer thanks to:
- All the Hosts who believed in the initiative and found the resources to plan, create and offer a Jam.
- All the sponsors and friends who supported the Jams in different cities
- Speakers and Mentors who guided jammers through this experience
- Experts who shared knowledge of the sustainability context today
- Rafa (Brazil) and Ruth (Australia) for their commitment helping the HQ,
- and every Jammer who gave their time, creativity and hard work to make this happen. #youarethejam !
We hope that everyone who was part of this experience learned more about sustainability and a cooperative, design-based approach to work, and created new connections and relationships for future change projects.
Be ready, because we will be creating more Jam experiences – and it is going to be JAMTASTIC.
Greetings from Bogotá, and the #GSusJam Global HQ 2016
Keep on Jamming!