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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Ljubljana Sustainability Jam


MajaMajcen ElectraM lea.delach... rotteja IvanaFlore... Anando
mirjam Blinky dg MajaAdusaV... Beabuks DasaK
mojcal Eva Tjaša LarKa Maks Vesel... jurka Spela
blablaz Tadej Abra... ana osredk... Ninimette... AmedeaD Mici


What if we enabled people to get valuable information about their surroundings?
Bringing short relaxation to overworked people
Facilitating awesomeness
We are building a model for an ethical shopping workshop
Develop community support group where people learn to prioritase based on their values.


Local contact information


Ana Kyra Bekš,, +386 40 591 676

Ana Osredkar (+386 40 320 550)

Event information

Entrance fee: Early-bird = 30 EUR | Regular = 50 EUR

Available tools or materials: We will provide all tools needed for the workshop.

Additional information:

Early-bird tickets are available untill 15. October. There is a limit of 35 participants.


Poligon Creative Center

Tobačna ulica 5
1000 Ljubljana

Jamming in Ljubljana, Slovenia