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United Arab Emirates

Dubai Sustainability Jam

Shine On to sustain books in schools
representing philosophy behind main theme and awareness of sustainability
Water on the Go
The entire world is working on a solution for the refugee crisis. We think we can create and deliver homes.
Call for female enjoyement

evolver: sustainable evolution | MELBOURNE SUSTAINABILITY JAM 2015

Allowing people to work where their heart is - outpost
Weavr - Weaving Communities - promote neighbourhood interactions to encourage social support
How might we connect homeless with agency and empty nesters for mutual benefit?
Break the ice - connect with strangers
Bring programs to children in out of home care in Melbourne

Garoa Jam

We manage your waste!
A rede verde

Vancouver Sustainability Jam

We're an explosive charge! Boom!
Sustainability Scavenger Hunt around Vancouver
Adding accessibility features to recycling bins!
Service to store, transport, and clean your sports equipment so you can get to your game in a sustainable way

Sustainability Jam Wuhan

make recycle smarter
share and communication
This is a public service project to reduce the use of goods and improve the utilization rate of idle workers.
Spark between Industry design and environment design
Connect the social relationship with global sustainability

Bogotá Sus Jam

Intervención en juegos infantiles para crear una consciencia sobre el cuidado del agua
Tener el control de nuestras acciones para que sean sostenibles a solo un click
A new way to share your fridge
Extender el concepto de hogar a los espacios que recorro en mi ciudad para generar un sentido de comunidad

Headquarter -Test

Connect people all over the world to share tangible prototypes
going bananas


A place where neighbours gather, cook, share and learn about nutrition in a cooperative way

Ponte Sustainability Jam

In the future , you 'll have a tatto with nanotechnology to connect to the cloud for any need.
Healthy weekly menu for workers of a company
Needs exchange through a spatial transport (desmaterialization/materialization)
Sharing food, feedstocks and transport through program points to make overall being able to eat anywhere in th

Helsinki Sustainability Jam

Sustainable home
Excuses for people to interact in a natural way and possibly even make a change while doing so
Reduce Culture clash between immigrants and locals
Bend environmental problem like an origami
Board game that teach you to live your daily life more sustainable!

Rovaniemi Sustainability Jam

To build the bridge between consumers and producers
Less package more feeling
Memes, public involvement, gamification

Sustainability Jam Turku (Åbo)

Sustainability game for making house building decisions and seeing the impacts of choices of carbon footprint.
Enabling local bike enthusiasts to fix bikes through a mobile platform

Sutainability Jam Kouvola

United Kingdom

Brum Sus Jam

Exposing assumptions for sustainability
How might we use existing trust networks to support people in adopting sustainable behaviours?
Showing the world for what it is

Edinburgh Sustainability Jam

Providing an environmentally and socially sustainable refugee camp and camp center.
Democratic disruptive development methods in Cape Town
Make edible cutlery to reduce the environmental pollution
Our group is creating an app that connects people, communities and businesses in order to tackle food waste.

Jakarta GSusJam

the more you consume, the more you should recycle
Providing network and skill to let medium-low socioeconomic status take action in upgrading their life quality
Reform is a platform that we need.

Sustainability Jam Klaipeda

#reuse #food #environment friendly #efficient
App providing an opportunity for people, seeking a company to go to events together, meet in the same place.

:DF Sustainability Jam

A 21 days game to change behaviour and be sustainable.

Sustainability Jam Oslo

In need of a temporary bike? Be part of the BikeCycle Oslo sharing community.
How can we make a tool that enables kids to reveal their inner ghosts and the youth to share their experience
exchange learning between Norwegians and immigrants
There are berries which are not being used and there are people wanting to pick them - we make them meet
Turning human toilet waste into rescourses closing the loop

Madeira Sustainability Jam

Let's forget about plastic
The magic of sharing

Ljubljana Sustainability Jam

Bringing short relaxation to overworked people
Facilitating awesomeness
What if we enabled people to get valuable information about their surroundings?
We are building a model for an ethical shopping workshop
Develop community support group where people learn to prioritase based on their values.

Bangkok Sustainability JAM 2015

To Connect the City by Sharing Service, we don't need to own anything by we can share.
A platform to check and share the leftover food in ones' refrigerators.
Service Design Task: Improving the hospital aging patient experience. A new series of “I CARE” services

Chiang Mai Sustainability Jam

Energy for sustainability
Energy for sustainability
All Jammers are very active
for prototyping in ChiangaMai Sustainability Jam 2015
prototype for Chiangmai Sustainability Jam
Alarm device which install a tree and transfer victim's face and voice. It' made for high schhol students.
United States

Miami Sustainability Jam

Re-think the bag
A recycling container on wheels made for the education of children!
"A community powered by us"

Portland Sustainability Jam

In Tents Refuge Projects