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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


In the future , you 'll have a tatto with nanotechnology to connect to the cloud for any need.

We believe that technology will be intelligent and much smaller . Thanks to that, our senses : taste, touch , smell , sight and hearing , they will connect directly with the cloud particles using nanotechnology .

What is TattooFeel ?

It is a tattoo that includes nanoparticles.

What is it good for?

For our bodies to communicate directly with the cloud, without any material resource as tablets, phones, etc.

In which cases may be useful to TattooFeel ?

For emergency situations : accident, fire, domestic violence, etc.

Energy saving : ship share , house, etc.

To share things and facilitate barter.

To share experiences and knowledge.

Why support sustainability?

It helps to share.
It helps to share knowledge .
It facilitates the exchange of things .

What people felt in the testing ?

It is necessary to " turn off " Therefore we include Skinny .
Which is very useful for emergency situations .

Model canvas

Offer value : connection without resources.

Target audience : those who want to connect to share, to be reachable , for emergency, etc.

Key activities: research to create tattoofeel , communication , processing and marketing of the pack , tattoo implementation in authorized places.

Resources : R & D , franchise network , human capital, technology , etc.

Relations with customers : maintenance, proximity, etc.

Placement : tattohome .

Alliances : sponsors , suppliers of technology, etc.

Costs: technology , pigments , human resources, etc.

Income: 50-100 euros per tatto .

Team members

Creative Commons Licence