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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


In need of a temporary bike? Be part of the BikeCycle Oslo sharing community.

By 2020 Oslo will close Ring 1 for private cars. Leading to a new bike lane infrastructure (independently from us).

We see the possibility to create a cycle community for bikers in Oslo City. To make it more more dessirable to go by bike. As a contribution to a more sustainable environment and life style.

1. Make people bike more
2. Use existing resources

- police delivery of stolen and scraped bikes.
- users with a bike

User group:
1. A commuter with a bike, or has an extra bike with low value.
2. A commuter without a bike

Use of bikes:
- low threshold
- biking home from town, work, shops etc.

We desire to make a flexible and open source loyalty community for bikes.

" when you are in need of a bike, it will always be one near bye"

Way into the system:
1. Donate your bike into the community (constant membership for free + app)
2. You don't have a bike, but buy themselves a membership (yearly membership + app)

"In need of a temporary bike?" "Be part of the BikeCycle Oslo sharing community"

Brand appearance:
- green bikes that are translucent during night (visibility and safety)
- ID and GPS- tracer that the user activates when take the bike in use.

The GPS- contains a light source that is activated if the bike is in use but not registered in use in the system. In that way making it less attractive to use the bikes without a membership.

As a member you get access to the application:
- the application tells you where you can find a bike.
- it is based on a loyalty reward program.

Loyalty program:
- positive: deliver the bikes to a workshop if need of repair, notify the workshop, deliver the bike to a hotspot ( hotspots are determend by user activity data gathering).
- negative: locking the bikes in areas out of reach for other bikes (in a period of a week).

At the workshop:
- the bikes are taken care of and repaired, placed outside of the workshop, available for new bike rides.
- in that way the bikes maintain a constant life cycle.
- new donated bikes are given a new identity before it is released out into the same bike cycle.

- leave the bikes at attractive places
- it is based on the loyalty program
- if you are loyal to the system, you will have 100% access to the bikes in the application, ranking on a visibility prosentagefrom 100-10% of the bikes in the application.
- as a loyal member you will connect your phone with the GPS on the bike every time you use it - register bike activity.

Application Profile Page:
- car a points
- bike activity
- # Instagram name and pictures

"In need of a temporary bike?" "Be part of the BikeCycle Oslo sharing community"

Business plan:

Revenue sources:
- Subscription to the system (yearly fee)
- Micro-transactions in app/one-time app purchase
- Ads on bike
- Ads in app
- Sponsors
- Government grant

- Bike branding and GPS-implementation
- Bike repair and maintenance
- System developing
- System maintenance
- Administration

- Visibility in the streets with branded bikes
- Social media
- Traditional media
- Word of mouth
- Bike café’s
- Biking events
- Cruisers day
- Each bike has its own hashtag #BikeCycle

Chance of implementation:
- technology excists
- existing bikes of low cost (stolen and scrapped)
- demand is present in the user group

User research:
- Bike enthusiasts at Peloton bike repairing and café
- Bike users from the street
- Bente from “Ikke lås meg”- bike initiative

- Re-use and repair old bikes

Key partners:
- Police
- Bikers
- Bike repair shops (Peleton)
- The government (Oslo Kommune)
- Competition
- Oslo City Bikes
- Personal bikes
- Public transport

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Team members

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