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The product aim to prevent and to improve your condition thanks to physical and emotional indications. The tech solution, called Recargatron, is formed by two different pieces: a personal straw that include a chip and a public health point where you can insert your straw. Different public health points would be spread over the city and connected to the national health database (public or private buildings, parks, etc). In this public health point you have to insert your straw and to blow in it, the Recargatron would analyzes your health conditions (including happyness, nutrition, physical or even social aspects). Finally, it will give you a diagnostic of your health, offering you advice for further improvement and more generally: what you have to do for fell better (e.g: you need a hug, you need to eat more proteins, you need to do more exercise, you need to have more fun with friends, etc).
This information is saved in your personal and private profile in the health database. You can share it with the person that you want: your doctor, friends, family...

The information includes advices to helping your friends and family. E.g: if you are specially happy, you can share your happiness with a friend that is sad (you know he/she is sad because he/she is sharing the diagnostic with you)

From another point of view, it will avoid unecessary visit to the doctor, it will give a feedback to the customers and also benefits the governement in term of analytics.

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