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Needs exchange through a spatial transport (desmaterialization/materialization)

We have two problems:
1) Someone that needs products or furnitures, He might doesn't have the ressource to buy it he is the "consumer" or the platform.

2) Someone that has the product but want to give away, this person is eco conscious and thinks that the product can be used by another person. It can be also broken products that can be repair.

1) Registration: users will need to register in a database and to create a personal profile, this profile would include only phone number for contact issue. This first step have to be easy and fast in order to don`t be a barrier for the users.

2) Application: users have to enumerate the things that he wants to throw. A transport would be able to pick up the product if it's too big or too encombrant: A small fee would be charged to him if a transport come to pick up the products.

3) Meeting: The users would have a day and a time for the picking of the products, if not he would be able to go straight up to the stockage center and to drop off the products.

4) Selection: If the products is not broken and ready to use it will be send to NGO or to our shop. if the product need a reparation we will have voluntary help that will repair it.

5) Giving: some product will be given to NGO

6) Selling: product that have more value can be sold for a minimum amount of money after reparation, it can be also sold by piece.

We aim to be a NGO funded by the governement, furthermore we will also the products that have are valuable

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