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Let's forget about plastic

Changing people's mind about the need of packaging (for food) and most of all of plastic bags.
We want to take off all the plastic from the supermarkets and let it sell in kg! For that, we created a kit of bag that can be Reuse, Recycle and Reduce the trash everywere.
Doing that, we change people way of thinking! The bags can be used for other things too and since we understand kids are very found of this bags, they can actually bring their luch everywere. Even adults!

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Team members

Credits and attribution

Ariana Ramos, Clara Freitas, Renata Melim, Inácio Gestoso
Atelier Gatafunhos
Universidade da Madeira
Quinta Pedagógica dos Prazeres
GlobalSustainableJam 2015

Creative Commons Licence