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Enabling local bike enthusiasts to fix bikes through a mobile platform

There are hundreds of broken bikes laying around in our city scape. If you get a punctured tire, it's easy to leave it for days, weeks, months, even years. At the same time there are many bike enthusiasts fixing bikes on their free time, but they don't have the resources to find new bikes to fix all the time. Our team offers a solution for this!

You can submit your broken bike with a picture and specs to our mobile platform. By tagging your bike's location, local bike fixers will be notified through the same app if they have signed up as fixers. A fixer contacts the person with a broken bike and they negotiate the price. A contract is formed and meet-up time and place is set.

At the meet-up the bike is fixed. During the next 24 hours the bike owner pays the fixer through our site and reviews the fixer's service.

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