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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit



Jkraus E.Roth Tatiana Or... Martin Gro... Meret Hild... Corinna Pa...
Karo Felix Eich... Enrico Nah... leoniefrem... Toroda Annika Ack...


We help refugees 2 quickly integrate themselves into the target society
Heart Your Monster is a game for kids with Asperger syndrom that triggers real life interaction using monsters
Kids Restaurant – Healthy food education at schools to enable kids train their parents.


Local contact information

Contact: Leonie Fremgen,, +491622950053

Event information

Entrance fee: Tiered pricing - Normal enthusiast 25€; Enthusiast struggling with money 15€; Enthusiastic supporter 40€

Available tools or materials: yummy food for the creative brain to function; WIFI and printing, post its in various sizes and colours as well as lots of prototyping material

Additional information:

Please bring your own laptop with you. Feel free to also bring your camera!



Bergheimer Straße 147
69115 Heidelberg

Jamming in Heidelberg, Germany