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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


United Arab Emirates

Dubai Sustainability Jam

How do we make sustainability a trend?
#TrafficLess #ReachingFast&Now #LessCarsMorePeople #MakeMeLessStressed
like ice bucket challenge for sustainability harnessing the power of the selfie

Sydney Sustainability Jam

#food #people #culture
A hybrid cold filtered water refill station with a recyclable bottle vending machine
Is fugly fruit ok? Our roving smoothie store proves taste and quality once and for all. Come find us.
#LetsRide is safe, informal carsharing on peak hour transit routes, utilizing existing bus stops to reduce C02

Caxias do Sul Sustainability Jam

A cultural change tool reusing selective materials in creating toys, sensitizing children as agents of change.
Change a seed or seedlings for acts of love
Have you ever thought about the marks you are printing? #BalãoDoBem challenges you to share good attitudes.

Curitiba Sustainability Jam

To rescue the meaning of life lost by people in professional or personal crisis.
Transforming the eletronic junk for the benefit of the city
Immersion of a persons in the life cycle of food throught the permaculture.
Help people live near their work

Salvador Jam de Sustentabilidade

Bags and trash cans for use on the beach
Beautiful reusable shopping bags


Como podemos transformar os medos em super poderes para criar novos heróis?
How can we transform information into real action?
sonhar, vivenciar, transformar
Find your purpose, tell your story, motivate people
Movimente sua vida. Prepare-se para um novo capítulo de sua historia.
Collective transformation depends on awareness of your own life balance
EXPERIENCE BOX: How your experience can be a gift to another person

Uai Jam

Self-sustainable professional exchange
Reduction of our ecological footprint
People sharing ideas about how to reuse or recycle old stuff
A virtual tool available to find an appropriate destination of waste at home

Uberlândia Sustainability Jam - UDIjam

Eighteen sustainable minutes to eighteen years of evolution
Go back some paths to advance in your life.

Sus Jam Santiago

Healthy experience generation machine
To change the public transport system in santiago of chile

Valparaiso Sustainability Jam

#AgeOfContaminus. You are the #Hero now.
#Tubsaving Save Water, take a shower
Saving Energy Dancing

Shanghai Sustainability Jam

Make a mechanism for Earth Hour to promote clean energy among Chinese society.
Empower people with information and a platform to incite change about their environment
Empower people with information and a platform to incite change about their environment

Creativity Jam Hamburg

Sustainability is fun!
We make the world more sustainable by slowing it down
From wanting to acting

Köln Sustainability Jam

Generational house where old and young can exchange and share experiences
Parents: bring home something more than just a box of chocolates.
The game for family to learn sustainability in world
break your routine at lunch

Nuremberg Weltretter Jam

People collect points for sustainable actions in daily life. Collected points support sustainable projects.
Point-based system to promote a sustainable lifestyle and to beautify the city
Create a space on puplic places where people can interact all over the world - randomized - movable - flexible
green theme park, all fair all green. Sustainability with FUN

Sustainability Jam Hannover

"Track your trace" everytime, everywhere and feel the power of sustainable behavior
Mobile time lottery app to escape the daily rat race...
Urban wall to interact and experience your sustainable footprint
Take a bag and bring it back!
how do you really want to spend time? Visualize and track it in a funny and rewarding way by using 'treams'.


Kids Restaurant – Healthy food education at schools to enable kids train their parents.
We help refugees 2 quickly integrate themselves into the target society
Heart Your Monster is a game for kids with Asperger syndrom that triggers real life interaction using monsters

Pyramids Sustainability Jam

providing private & Public transportation via the Nile River
reduce public transporters jam around bus stations

Barcelona Sustainability Jam

Sustainable turism. Comerce sustainable network for turists.
Kitted groceries bags created on spot in bulk-food stores that can be unknitted over&over for reuse of thread!
Online platform to promote and certify sustainable Restaurants
Packaging reuse system
Generate added value in the area based on synergies between social and ecological resources
Create organic paper in a didactic way
Great product to enjoy your favorite music festival in a sustainable way...

Extreme Sustainabilty Jam - Badajoz

Repensar todo, volver a los origines
BAILE, juego, aprendizaje, espíritu crítico, claridad de ideas, felicidad, BAILE, felicidad, claridad de ideas
Ayuda a la población desfavorecida de países en desarrollo a cumplir sus sueños. Participa! Únete!
Propulsamos la socialización de niños a través de tablets, proponiendo retos cooperativos en el mundo real!
Baile, Juego, Aprendizaje, Espíritu Crítico, Claridad de Ideas, Felicidad <--> Claridad de ideas...

Girona Sustainability Jam

Participate · Organize · Transform · Sustainability

Pamplona Sustainability Jam

sharing your time in a friendly manner
Data collection participatory system
Reutilizar la comida que tiran los super, agricultores y fábricas. Compras 1 caja por 1€ y la llenas.
From lost to the river - Changing our way of life through unknow people ideas
contagio del positivisimo para los ciudadanos de pamplona
no botar comida y darla a los menos favorecidos

Ponte Sustainability Jam

scaner infantil de sostenibilidad / sustainability children scanner
App for exchange everything you do not need
Sustainability foot
A new idea for the supermarkets
A futuristic scan for children so as to motivate them to be more sustainable

Tofu Jam

Transforming human movement into energy
Clothing recycling in a Happy mood!
Karma rules
Use of drones to aid in environmental and agricultural practices

GSusJam Kouvola 2014

Running barefoot, where ever you happen to be.
Green button for facebook
United Kingdom


An educational project to teach people how electricity is generated and how it can be sustainable
using play to teach children about recycling
Reverse Home Shopping

Edinburgh Sustainability Jam

A platform that connects growers with individuals to deliver better produce at lower prices.
Rethinking carbon-a useful product?
Changing the food system by cutting down on food and packaging waste
Gamifying energy awareness.
Recycling to make more sustainable life!
Reducing supermarket packaging waste
Reducing packaging and food waste within supermarkets

London Circular Jam

Saving small kitchen appliances from the bin
Bug Burger
Water Water everywhere: an attempt to educate children in water use
Best After
Organised the jam :)
Modular customisable umbrellas that can be returned and fixed when broken and the parts reused.
Carrot Race #Gamification of food growing at home for kids

MCR SusJam

Don't count the steps, make the steps count
Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Bamboo Jam

Recycling for rewards in Hong Kong!
Bring landfill, waste management education and FUN to primary school bazaars
Black Soldier Flies Larvae turn food waste into fish feed and organic fertilizer
Transforming a city's food waste into herbs and vegetables on rooftop gardens


Saucy steps to sustain your soul and save the planet. Do the twist!

TLV sustainability jam

the beach starts here!
Waiting for a bus couldn’t be more fun
toys library on wheels

Isfahan Sustainable Jam

leave your bare steps on the sand way, others will do the same and at the end, we all are alike by the river..
Walking on an infinity path
Exercise in every speed you can, the faster you go, the faster music will play.
City games

Tehran Sustainability Jam 2014

Enhancing kids and families relationships through joyful human plays and activities
Let's do good things!!
With 4.5 trillion cigarette butts littered each year, there's no tidy tile left on the pavements, We're on it!


Recovery the memory of your steps to change the future behavior
Create value through sustainability and earn while you do it.
We live the consecuences of our choices.
A small step for a chicken, a giant leap for the global community
organize your shopping with 0% waste

Palermo Sustainability Jam

Food List is an automated app that tells you what’s in your fridge, when it expires and helps you make your ne
a urban running race in search for sustainable food.
collect garbage and receive back points to use as a discount in the partner shops
Sensorial travel itineraries co-designed by blind people for blind and non-blind people
A platform that connects consultants with clients looking for support their business ideas

Siracusa Sustainability Jam

A campaign to encourage people moving their very first steps towards a more sustainable city
South Korea

Seoul Sustainability Jam


Q8 Sustainability Jam

Leftovers To Go is No Taboo!
Converse electricity while using the saved resources to create public benefits.
A platform for the second hand reuse community
Developing neglected community spaces aesthetically and sustainably

Sustainability Jam Klaipeda

We do physical activities for fun
Creating a new outdoor space of 5 dimensions
Green Mark
Re-designing jogging experience
Exchange of knowledge between the youth and the elderly.
Encourage public transportation usage


Making Yangon sexy for bikers

:DF Green moustache Jam

The APP that will let your clothes have a longer life. Mix, match, share & exchange.

Utrecht Sustainability Jam

Challenge your friends to do good and have fun together on whatsapp.
#ususjam; Holo Scanner - Picking products with purpose, your one alternative. Good for you, good for the world

Oslo Sustainabilityjam

fighting shitty products - promoting good sustainable products
Awareness campaign for turning "ugly" fruit and vegetables into tasty products

Krakow Zombie Jam

3 days of challanges in the countryside - for urban dwellers
Box that helps people in first 72hours of catastrophe
decreasing food wastage through a shared refrigerator in the common space of your apartment compex
sharing project making knowhow for teachers, kids and parents to create somethig for school and learn by doing

Szczecin Jams

Cosmos at night
Movie making workshop in renovated old cinema. The meeting point for film fans and amatour producers.

Warsaw Sustainability Jam

Mobile app for foreigners in Warsaw wanting to spend time in an active manner.
food advisor
Do it in the shop - leave the package
Shoes that care about runners and active people
measer your stress level
app which helps to find local craftman
Electrowaste collection application and system
Promotion of drinking tap water and refilling used bottles.
Odnowa duchowa przez spacer / Better living thru walking.

Madeira Sustainability Jam

FUN in Madeira
Break the routine...Rediscover your city.
Enjoy the beauty of Nature while waiting for the bus
Try out our human moved bus...#nature #sustainability #eco-transport #healthy #to-have-fun #newexperiences
Let's make strangers talk to each other!

Ljubljana Sustainability Jam

School food leftovers ... Cordelia's nightmare!
We make family shopping a playful quest towards sustainability.
No more waste food, kids eat it all!!!
Party marathon for youngsters
Upgrading existing bus stations to general info-spots.
A service that makes you experience souvenirs, together with locals
RagBall will break you’re office sitting routine!

Tainan Sustainability Jam

Does the traveling experience be the medicine of the ill education?
偏鄉教育的改造 Reformation of education in rural area
what?! wasting water is protecting environment!
Theme Restaurant - Local Specialized Food
United States

New York City Sustainability Jam

Rethink mobility: pedestrians should dictate where and when cars drive, not the opposite.
Would you recycle more if you knew that every bottle you recycle supports a charity?
An at-home composting and planting kit for kids to encourage recycling.