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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Soul Sals-taining Salivating Salvation

Saucy steps to sustain your soul and save the planet. Do the twist!

A game, a dance, a path to shake up your life and bring a joyful rhythm to those you meet...

We have a game to learn through fun

A dance, the steps, the path, a beat

And a secret present!


Shake the order up and take four steps with us for a more sustainable world!

Thinking about adopting a more sustainable lifestyle on an individual level seems like an overwhelming task. But what if you thought about this way: there is no wrong way to do it. Moving forward doesn't equal moving in a straight line - You can shake up the order, be active in different ways and with varied intensity. The most important thing is that you start doing them.

We asked people to dance the Sustainability Salsa with us while we made our way to from the Fumbally Exchange to the TOG. We told them – there is no wrong way to do it unless you don't do it.

If achieving something was that easy, would you go ahead and try?
If you knew that a simple yes, and giving it a try would be enough to define something as success, would you just go for it right away?

We believe that this is the exact mindset people have to adopt in order to overcome the fear of not knowing what to do for our Common Future.

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Check out this little presentation, don't forget to put it on AUTOPLAY:

Team members

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