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Village game

3 days of challanges in the countryside - for urban dwellers

Groups of 5 people - mainly from ubran areas, big cities - participate in a 3 day game in the countryside. From the very first moment they face different activities and tasks typical for rural life. And it's not artificial, since villagers are also co-hosts of the game. And they give badges to the participants for fulfilling tasks. Tasks include milking cows, preparing family dinner, throwing dung and other different activities - social, individual, farming-related and community-related. The game ends on sunday, with everyone celebrating a free day and when participants of the game are accepted as the honorable members of the community. Participants and hosts exchange small gifts prepared beforehand.

It's a way to learn about values preserved in traditional rural communities - spending time together, preparing meals, helping each other, reusing resources. Participants from the city can see that there is valuable knowledge that can be obtained not from books, but from the communities. People from the countryside see that what they know is a valuable asset that can be shared with others.

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Score: Farm Sounds (Original Mix) by Denapes Sound

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