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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Play Fail Fun

sharing project making knowhow for teachers, kids and parents to create somethig for school and learn by doing

Current situation in education show problems with practical, useful and more interesting knowledge.
We would like to introduce modern ways to teach kids the skills they need.
Our forms try also to imply general knowledge by doing.
The projects assumps creating something for the school which will attract stakeholders:
- kids
- teachers
- parents
- decision makers

We want to create handbook about how to prepare and implement such initiatives.
We would like to provide support during the whole process.
By our website everybody can join and take part in the idea. Kids will publish heir achievements and appreciate other projects. Teachers will find additional learning material and those who would like to become local project coordinator will login to their special web portal.

Projects, besides making some useful creations like building new playground, will engage various personas.
Kids - they will be main actors of action. Results and mostly failures will be discussed to learn by doing and making mistakes. Their plans and tasks will be gently supervised to the border of danger. By their own chosen actions they will learn how to make them (plan, prototype and create eg. Swing for the playground), responsibility, time and resource managment. The same time they will learn basic physics applied to their tasks.
Teachers - prepared by our supppor tthey will be ready to gather the group and help them choose the project idea. Main tasks will be focused on kids assingnments and how to imply scientifical knowledge to them.
Specialists - kids ideas can exceed thei skills and knowledge. Thay can invite local experts to help them. It would recommended to invite somebody from kids parents.
School's directors - projects will be approved by school administration. The project will bring some value and real improvments. Also the school will become more attractive by the project results and by actually being involved in such initiatives like Play Fail Fun. THE PROJECTS ARE NOT ONLY RESULT ORIENTED.

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