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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Track your Trace

"Track your trace" everytime, everywhere and feel the power of sustainable behavior

People have no feeling how big or diverse their one traces are. This is the biggest problem when you want to senstitise people for their influence to the globel contamination of our planet.

"Track your trace - TyT" is a system (e.g. an app) where everyone can track their one traces everytime and everywhere - traces of trash, used water and energy, dirty air and purchases. TyT is a modular system. Begin with one point - save water at the shower. You are good in water saving? Take a look on energy saving or reduction of C02. Enhance your skills and collect points on your personal point list for a behaviour that helps to save ressources.

TyT is a playfully tool you can get consciousness about your individual influences. Do you have enough points you get benefits in form of invitations to cool events e.g. a hip concert or an attendance at a survival camp in nature. You can challenge yourself with your friends or family or a global comunnity. Additionally you can bring your talent and your knowledge to the community. How this? Create your own benefit event, bring Track-your-Tracers together to learn from each other and have fun.

It's gamification of the topic sustainable environment protection. It brings fun in a complex topic and a visible and perceptible key figure for influence of a single human being.

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