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Awareness campaign for turning "ugly" fruit and vegetables into tasty products

Agriculture accounts for 20% of man-made greenhouse gas emissions and uses most of the available freshwater resources. It also erodes soil, interferes with the nitrogen cycle and causes profound and often permanent damage to natural ecosystems. Apart from ecologic agriculture, with lower environmental impact, it is essential to maximize the efficiency of our use of food products in general, by avoiding food waste as much as possible.

Norwegians only pick the nicest looking fruits and vegetables when they do their groceries. A lot of good fruits and vegetables, which do not look perfect, are not purchased and alternative uses need to be found in order to avoid throwing them away. The most thrown away fruits and vegetables are: bananas, berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), tomatoes.

We will run a one-year campaign, with 100-200 local events, to turn these fruits and vegetables into delicious, easily available food products that people want to consume. We will go to the sports arenas around Oslo in the week-ends and at schools during the week, with a bike that mechanically blenders fruits into delicious smoothies, our "smooglies". We will then also sell muffins and ice-cream from the same fruits, and share tasty, easy and fun recipes with good fruits and vegetables that people don't find nice-looking enough to buy them in the supermarket.

The focus of the campaign, sponsored by the local or national health authorities, will involve active and diet-aware people, who know they should eat more fruit and vegetables in general, but focusing on the upscaling of the "ugly", neglected fruits and vegetables.

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