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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

JAB aka Jurin Anauu Bleg

how do you really want to spend time? Visualize and track it in a funny and rewarding way by using 'treams'.

moin moin (as we say in northern germany for 'hi'), we are team JAB from the sustainability jam hanover 2014. as you can see from our profile pic our persona (potential client) is called Juri. he is 40 years old, lives in hanover and is working almost all day. at least 8h, if not even longer. thus he is missing time for his real passion: sitting at the lake fishing. our key-question is: how can he become aware of his real problem? taking time for what he really loves to do? Therefore we worked on 'treams'. 'treams' is an app designed to visualize how much time you want to spend for your passions and show you how much time you have actually spent. it's something like your personal diary and time log for your personal time-goals in life. by actively thinking about and playing with your time-goals you may realize what you you are actually really doing in life. Spending time on what is really important to you?

so, how does it work? you all know time eating freemium games where you are spending tons of your time (and hopefully not money) on feeding and building your own little farm/city/castle/whatever. imagine this time you are taking care of a tree. your tree, your life. instantly you start picturing how you want to see your life. your start thinking on how much time you want to spend on different branches of your life which are essentially important to you, such as your partner, your family, your hobby. in 'treams' you suggest to yourself how much time you want to spend on each of these branches. then you play with 'treams' and automatically track on what your time. 20 min. reading a book with your son. 15 min. playing cards with your partner. whatever you like. it is up to you. you enter what you have done for how long and enter it later into 'treams'. the time you have spent is the nutrient and fertilizer for your tree and it immediately starts growing. it shows you how you have done something four your tree, for your life. 'treams' aims at visualising your personal life and giving you a picture to think about. as soon as you start thinking you may become aware and change something if necessary. if not, even better. you see how rewarding it is to spend on what really matters.

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