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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

100 steps towards Sustainability

A campaign to encourage people moving their very first steps towards a more sustainable city

"I 100 passi verso la sostenibilit√°"

We live in a difficult context, a city in the South of Europe where talking about sustainability and commit to concrete actions is a cultural challenge. Our project's goal is to encourage citizens to commit to sustainability making a first single step and making them aware of the other 99 possible steps to build a sustainable city.

The name of the project is taken from another difficult cultural challenge, the 'mafia' corrupted mentality that is still latent across institutions (the original movie title is in fact "i 100 passi" or "the 100 steps".

The intervention to trigger this project is a kind of flash-mob to prototype and test people reaction on a Sunday morning around Ortigia's streets and squares, moving some first steps towards a sustainable city in the town centre of Siracusa.

We designed and planned a 100 steps long path and prototyped the first ones.This should lead to the "carta della sostenibilità di Siracusa" a document shared with local institutions, citizens, associations and alla relevant stakeholders.

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