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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Rooftop Battle

Transforming a city's food waste into herbs and vegetables on rooftop gardens

Hong Kong has a landfill crisis. We assume the government will charge a painful amount ($) to throw waste away.

Hotels and restaurants have a choice. Throw waste into landfill, and pay for the privilege. Or, pass on their waste and charges to "Rooftop Battle", and gain highly visible social responsibility credits for doing so.

Rooftop Battle passes on the money to 2 partner organisations:

1. Local bio waste recycle centres. Can handle 250kg/day of food waste and convert it into compost. They are paid to collect to sort food waste.

2. HK Farms are passionate about urban farming. We use money from Hotels to rent rooftop space. They use the massive amount of compost we produced to setup and train local students to maintain rooftop gardens on every highrise residential building.

The vegetables grown on rooftops are available free for residents. When they come up to their rooftop, they may learn how to sort food. They are motivated to do so, because they can see and taste the result. And it's convenient.

Rooftop Battle also produces a monthly report that is posted on every rooftop garden and at supporting grocery stores. It shows how much vegetables each district has produced and how much each hotel/restaurant contributed to that result. A little friendly competition to promote community effort.

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