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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Commuting to work

To change the public transport system in santiago of chile

Our project aims to turn the public transport system of Santiago de Chile into a whole different fun experience by delivering a nice option for the travellers to listen music and get to know about activities and facts about the city. This way the length of the travel will not matter anymore, because talking the public transport will be nice and enjoyable.

A first part takes places before starting your trip. One should buy an electronic travel card. When buying this card, one will receive earplugs and information about the card and the entertainment possibilities that are integrated in the bus/metro.

Once entering the bus/metro and having paid with your card, you will gain access to the WIFI-network. On this network you can use the internet and you can choose to enter our site which gives you the option to listen to different styles of music (relaxed, romance, happy) and also one can choose to listen to books and information about activities and touristic facts about the city.

An additional point of this proyect emphasizes to integrate the sustainability into the payment methods. By collecting materials that can be recycled (like empty plastic bottles and paper) one can earn points on their travel card, which can be used to pay tickets or new earplugs.

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