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reduce public transporters jam around bus stations

Cairo suffers from a very serious traffic problem, which is getting complicated a month after another. one of the reason, public transportation service (Bus, MiniBuses, Microbuses),and the way passengers waiting on the street (for hours) waiting for these big cars.
we designed an application to help passengers to know how many cars in the way to the stations as it is empty due to demand. and all cars in the other destination side waiting for other passengers who already are in the other side. so the passenger will know how many cars available, and if there is no any, how many r coming in the way back.

also to organize the queue inside the station, we designed an automatic ticketing kiosk that gives u the ticket with the queue number. and collect the fees. the driver will invite passengers according to the number, and he gets his money after signing out by his card on a machine for drivers.

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