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Over & Over

Kitted groceries bags created on spot in bulk-food stores that can be unknitted over&over for reuse of thread!

Food packaging has often a short useful life. To reverse this, we propose packaging that is knitted on spot at the time of food purchase in bulk-food stores, the size of which goes according to the amount of product bought. This knitted transportation bag is created using a single thread which will only need pulling force to be undone. This offeres the opportunity to enlenghten the usful life of the thread used. It can be converted into a new groceries bag, used in the textile industry to be part of a newly made product, or users can just create something for themselves at home.
This idea intends to eliminate waste-generating packaging and yet offer a packaging solution for groceries transportation.

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Marc Benito PadrĂ³

Oriol Gener Ricos

Laura Freixas

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