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Infinity . Presents 'GAMIFICATION' of veg growing for kids. | #CARROT_RACE

Carrot Race #Gamification of food growing at home for kids

Creating a product that inspires kids to grow veg at home by

(1) Giving them rewards throughout the growth phase.
(2) Displaying a plants "emotion" and 'emoticon' by measuring environmental conditions using a sensor package.

This project consists of two main 'products' which together form a engaging education approach to growing vegetables at home.


The sensor is placed in a plant pot and measures

1) Light density
2) Temperature
3) Water content in the soil (Resistivity)

This is processed by a mcb (Arduino) and a smiley or happy emoticon is displayed on a 8 by 8 dot matrix

Integration of the sensor with the app informs the budding gardener any steps needing to be taken to ensure the vegetable or plant remains 'happy' or growing in optimum conditions.


The essence of the app is to format growing instructions in an accessible format for children and allow them to upload photos to compete against their friends in a friendly fun growing race.

The app is delivered on a mobile tablet format and contains step by step instructions. Ability to purchase seeds. Ability to scan seed package and access growing instructions. Prompts care of and monitors status of plants.

The app allows users to connect with friends and engage in competition with a global leader board for growing of vegetables by measuring dimensions of the plants.

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