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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


Transforming human movement into energy

Transforming human movements into social good.

- Widespreading healthy habits
- Saving energy and promoting renewable energies
- Social exchanges
- Arise awareness of sustainability
- Creating new ways of living the city

Watt & You is a service which enables users to collect "voltis" (points of energy) through doing exercices in public or private spots such bikes, parks, gyms and other similar devices. These "voltis" can be exchanged for different products and services.
A sticker allows the user to log in these collecting station. By doing exercise in these stations the user collects points. The service is supported by an app, which tracks the amount of collected "voltis". It also allows the user to share his/her results in social networks, create a ranking between friends and groups, view in a map which stations are available and also exchange these points for services and products (paying electricity bills, public transport, organic products, trips and so on).
The user can decide where are these products and services going. Either using them for him/herself, giving presents to friends or donating stuff to NGOs.

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Songs: "Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey" by The Wombs and "Mammatus Oblaci (vocal mix)" by Figurative Theatre.

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