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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Dance with dubai

like ice bucket challenge for sustainability harnessing the power of the selfie

The theme made us think of dancing. It also made is consider that to move forward we need to may need to be move backwards to re-find wisdom from the past while learning from the future. "Some things that were forgotten that never should have been forgotten.

Re-activate and reenergise a desire to be sustainable in Dubai in a fun way engaging a group of people who may otherwise not be engaged. The key is to create the behaviours the awareness will follow.

High-level concept: like and icebucket challenge except for sustainability
SUSTACTS - sustainability action
SUTOR - someone who performs a SUSTACT

Use "ambassadors" to kick start the process.
Kick this off with 5 celebrities challenging 100 12-14 year olds to a 24 hour sustainability challenge in Dubai
- Taylor
- Gaushe (footballer)
- Niall from 1D

Objective: Fun activity

What we learned:
1. Having a celebrity isn't important
2. People remember the ice-bucket challenge and love the challenge aspects
3. Friends challenge each other all the time
4. Having a cause makes sense
5. Great quote if we were to use a celeb "you don't need to be outrageous to be famous"
6. We're living in a post-Facebook world; instagram is the medium of choice
7. We found 1 girl who takes 32 selfies a day (not all published)
8. A "safe" challenge is the key

Watch the video links on instagram below it
1. The challenge - challenging Emma the 12 year old girl from Gar pretending to be Niall from 1D
They have 24 hours to respond
2. Antoaneta accepting the challenge and doing her SUSTACTS
3. Andrea accepting the challenge and doing her SUSTACTS
4. Monaem accepting the challenge and doing his SUSTACTS
Each act is tagged with hashtag

Next steps
1. Launch the challenge
2. Learn from the challenge
3. Plan for what next after the challenge is over

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Credits and attribution

Team: Dance With Dubai
Andrea Thian
Monaem Ben Lellahom
Antoaneta Popova
Gar Mac Críosta

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