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Public Authority of Sharing

Leftovers To Go is No Taboo!

A great contributor to restaurants' food waste is peoples' reluctance to ask for their leftover food to be packed after their meal. A certain social taboo is associated with the question..

We aim to create a system and campaign called the Share-Ring whereby restaurants take a pledge to have waiters pack people their leftovers when applicable, without asking the question and giving people the option to refuse. Participating restaurants would put on their tables a list of suggestions - which we design - for what to do with the food, if not keeping it then sharing it with someone who needs it outside.

The biggest obstacle is diminishing the taboo: it feels good, it's the socially responsible thing to do for a sustainable planet, it follows the teachings of Islam, the predominant religion in Kuwait, which discourages waste, and hey, now it's the cool thing not to let food go to waste and actually use resources for social good.

The incentive for the restaurants is that their image would benefit from this community outreach program, and so they would be keen to join the campaign. Are you in? Are you in the 'Ring?

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