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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Creativity Jam Hamburg

Archive: Projects 2013

5 projects have been created during this jam.
Connecting people in their neighbourhood
Listen to your bio rhythm
Intergenerational urbanized living concept
Enable commuters to integrate exercises seamlessly into their daily routine without being an action point.
Order food with exact quantities from farmer, only seasonal food, avoid waste


Wolfgang F... Sabine lareschke kathleenxx... Bruno arltmiral sndr0 Nine
sylk sylke andrea-hh hanneviehm... fl0rie Irene Maria Karn... Chris HH
rezanazari... Michaela Z... Tina Christian... alexg Tilmans Johannes V... vividbreez...
mdreser Sabrittas Jens Otto...