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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Archive: Projects 2013

233 projects have been created during this jam.
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Clean zone, save the earth from pollution, have happy children.
Toy tree: sustainable development, children participation
An attempt to harvest water from moisture in the air in deserts
A huge amount of sticky notes are wasting in our Jams. Let’s sustain our Jam.
A service aiming at proper re-distribution of food which is left over.
Schools at the weekends can be seen as a playground where children can gather to play and interact.
Empowering some cool creative people to propose solutions to local and global issues.
Encouraging people not to over using water
To help student learn real apple ecosystem
The activity combines adventure and environmental protection.
We help poor people to work in the farm and get economic support by related enterprise.
one touch of a butterfly can change the world
A powerful robot reuses useless resources from manufactures to benefit the community to the wonderful world !
Trafficking through an online platform for organic agricultural products and help disadvantaged groups.
With a better health and awareness towards an awesome world
Let’s give Chinese city kids their first and best rural agricultural and educational experience of their lives
Alive cooperation game based on a transmission of sustainable values
We provide a shared space for people to cook & eat together
Help the Elders to find people who need their experience. Help the Elders to feel more productive...
Strange, but it makes sense/ Mix and replace
A real space to give new life to your old stuff and make new friends nearby.
Increased sharing of resources, through integrating various collaborative consumption platforms.
Social network to make people go green
Learn and share the stories of your second hand clothing.
Pee-gloo the sole supporter to your pressure! A waterless, odorless sustainable toilet design..
Clothing co-op, share if you care! #Walk-inWardrobe #GsusJam
Human scale in nature rhythm
Do more with your cup of coffee #beagoodbean
Something familiar with a new taste.
Modular solutions path to creativity
True desires of our ❤ don't have a price tag.
Smoking prevention from early age
Do more comfortable and sustainable your camping!
Activate Shanghainese to provide fresh air in their city. Qi Day is an event that promotes sustainability.
Who are you? I am creative.
Community for sharing your abilities with others
The room that grows up with a child
Changing consumption perception in a positive way through a new and fun social media
The goods of the countryside in the middle of your university
God Årgang is a service aiming to bring people together to share and preserve knowledge
Multicultural travel game and adventure
I have, you don't have, I lend you, we get along well
A community of people interested in promote sustainability and common wellness through local actions
Go from aware to active in 3 little steps. Become a #proactivist
Ideas and emotions tweeted…
Share a ride, save the world! An App letting people share a ride, with credits based on emissions reduced.
Mobile app to help make sustainable choices in shops via QR-codes and save your planet by playing the AB3 game
Outdoor games to connect the generations
Share the stuff you do not need anymore!
It is a program that aims to introduce the sustainable attitude as a habit in the university context.
Stories with emotions to revalue used objects and to lengthen products life
A space for the community ,by the community for sharing time and skills.
Meeting point for students in Turku—web site where all University students can get together and plan meetings
Sustainnable experiencies payed by alternative currency
Participate in campaign and find out how much water you can save in 3 weeks!
We buy things we don't need with money we don't have: make gifts more meaningful with personal stories
Platform to connect experts of cultural knowledge with learners
Comunidad de personas que INSPIRAN A OTRAS A CAMBIAR HACIA LA SOSTENIBILIDAD, mediante acciones locales.
Fatto di Caffè | Unexpected coffee experiment
Awareness rising plastic bag collecting/delivering machine
How might we connect isolated social groups using their hidden values?
Delivery system for wristbands and blueprint for fulfilling essential roles in a community in crisis.
third missing element
Assembling Boxes’ aim is to reduce the packaging waste by designing a module based boxing system
Living life in the world!
Save the water, save the frog!
Universal Stories Connecting through visual language.
A zero-carbon roadshow for sustainability awareness and education
A concept that will make people aware of the cycle of water in nature.
Aware people about trees importance in cities comparing with car CO2. Tree adoption will finance activities
A van which travels to about Dundee to educate the public about reusing waste materials
Fun positive way to start conversations Between Strangers,
Co-generation of electricity and warn water from a new designed Solar Panel
Grow Eat Share Learn
Our kids start a better world
Waste trackability throughout its lifecycle and incentivisation of separate waste collection
Educate to create a sense of community in our tiny children, inspiring parents and society
Making people interact through urban disturbance.
A van that goes picking your old stuff for recycling, helps you to fix and up cycling it. Exchange & info.
Drive people's engagement so they'll vote for sustainability!
A Never Ending Game
Save the world by cooking efficiently #cpsj13 #sustainability #ab3 #bestTeamEVER
Redifining urban areas by bringing fresh food to your backyard. Add property value, provide fresh food
The bridge that connects VOLUNTEERS and people who NEED HELP to take care of beloved relatives
How could we develop a creative education that inspire people to live in the collective
Encouraging sustainability initiatives through games and competitions
Platform for sharing among neighbours.
inactive project
An intercultural food experience without the communication problems for cookers and/or passionate eaters. :D
Make recycling simple and intuitive that even a 2 year child can do it
How could we touch people at the right moment?
Let your children experience the joy of making locally and giving globally by tracking the way of their gifts.
Problems Solving Interactive System based on Sustainability.
Just do it ... in A-Bike 3
Get bonus "eCoins" for producing energy
Raising awareness for sustainability through printed messages on a reusable water bottle.
Share yourself!
control the expiration date of food, medicine and other products you have at home
Amaya Banana tiene 3 problemas para ahorrar energia y se los vamos a solucionar #GSusJam #LaSerenaJam2013
Save the world with travelling
Could really do with a cup of tea.
Promote conscience and values as a way of living
A tool for consumers to gain information about the supply chain & invested resources in the food they buy
A simple global language of key sustainability concepts
A simple global language of key sustainability concepts
getting out of our heads and into the world
A composting program that gets communities to put their food waste back into the soil.
Self knowledge to freedom
A card game for sharing knowledge, solving problems, brainstorming and having fun!
Street installations and online maps that provide opportunities for city dwellers to reconnect with nature.
Test ABC
One step can lead to one hundred big steps.
Opportunity Post is an invitation to connect, acknowledge & respect that the street is home to some people.
Are you after a reason to talk to that friendly face across carriage?
Use your social network to promote group transportation.
Creating a tool to connect older people with relocated families
Manage your food production with an urban farmville app connecting with local community farmers.
AB3 takes you one step closer towards a state where you exist individually and in harmony with everything arou
How might we help you make money out of your Waste. The Supply Chain Management is now reversed. #Inwaste
A platform for children to play, learn and grow; transcending from I to We
Lup Today! Don't waste food.
Make benefits of sustainable products visualzed and meaningful
Stop thinking and start talking!
Stimulate curiosity about the impact of consumption by HK youth
suitable portion of food in restaurants
Education on environment protection.
'Apna BiCycle' is an innovative solution to solve traffic congestion and last mile connectivity.
#ThelaWala #FreshFromTheFarm #BlrSusJam #GSusJam #ThisIsWhyWeJam
Connecting people in their neighbourhood
Provide young city dwellers with easy access to quality food and develop their knowledge of food and cooking
A public space that belongs to you
Listen to your bio rhythm
Intergenerational urbanized living concept
Enable commuters to integrate exercises seamlessly into their daily routine without being an action point.
Order food with exact quantities from farmer, only seasonal food, avoid waste
You are willing to donor organ´s, blood - you should get something back in your Livetime
Making interactions in public space to stimulate social interaction and enhance knowledge exchange
Gente que ayuda a gente
A tool called Go Green to help consumers make a better choice
T.P.S portable space for the City Jungle
App for helping to know which groceries are sustainable including local shop support
A modular system to create new designer pieces from old clothes
Raise #social awareness by experiencing the lifecycle of a #recycled product #GSusJam
Bonus and challenging System based on sustainability points earned while (fair trade)shopping, recycling etc.
Develop a prototype "Cyclic organic farming" which reduce waste ,water and avoid use of creepy fertilizers.
Si un familiar o amigo se encuentra mal, con esta caja de la felicidad ¡Lo sorprenderas! #HappyJamBox
Organic farming to mitigate ill effects of fertilizers and pesticides
We want to create a helping community where people without resources can go to different shops to get services
Collecting industrial or domestic scrap to create a new product design which completes 3 P's
Collect your micro garbage wherever you are
An association which helps you to change your neighbourhood lifestyle habits
Cycle dry with our neat raincoat solution.
Ask why and change the world
App to encourage using sustainable products and services by creating a reward system
Appreciate life through reflection of what you have. We convert your virtual memories to tangible <AB3
Clothes loved longer
Learn from the children, let them inspire you and impact you, they have the key to global sustainability
A World Wide Event "Play and Learn" where all children come together to learn how to live a sustainable life.
Need a CHANGE? Find people around the world and experience their lives!
Foster people's imagination to create their own community garden on the roof top
Making new friends through local micro experiences!
Meaningfull activities - Help out NGO`s at your own time
Sustainable products announce local challenges and thereby connect sustainable change-makers with local issues
Figuring it out
Provide a better understanding between doctor and patient with different languages
Change to AB3, break with the routine. Have SUSTAINABLE FUN.
A random exchange service to swap unknown objects in the city.
We build chickens in a way nobody else does!
Promocionar el uso de la bicicleta en La Serena
A company that connects people who needs care and companies that wants to care through branding projects.
Use technology for local communities to imagine and co-create ways to use neglected spaces
From A to B in 3 dimensions: cheap, fast & environmentally friendly.
Social network to expand their network of professional contacts and develop personally and professionally
A filtered guide promoting sustainable services for parents seeking trustworthy information from AB3 to Z
Bring young people together with mentors and share their knowledge!
a solution to the future society stress of a growing aging population
Plant the seed of your future- Adopt a Box!
linking 3 generations for a sustainable life #GSusJam #Hannover #sjh2013 #sustainable
Plant the seed of your future- Adopt a Box!
An eco concept for sustainable living.
Create a community to promote local and sustainable consumption (Re-balance society)
An 'organ donation' service for electronic devices.
forget the car and join the #nBICIate revolution, return the excitement to cycling...
How may we diminish waste-trash accumulation on the streets?
choose wisely young grasshopper...
Imagining a future where eating insects is normal
Learning community with meetings in real life for people looking for new ways to life happy
motivating people to learn everyday
Art Business
App to enhance your mood and encourage personal growth
Mattress reincarnation! The affordability and sustainability of 2nd hand with the freshness and safety of new!
A fun family board game for 4/6 years old, on a journey through the product cycle.
Adds to the emergency food service to provide alternative food choices by providing fresh food recipes & herbs
Encouraging product sustainability & corporate transparency through competition, statistics and user feedback
Helping to change our relationship with objects. Step 1. "The most absurd item purchased without reason."
Gather points and win prices, gather cards and win community improvements, get informed and change your mind
Mediação da Inclusão
We are trying to create conscience in societe through education and incentives that promotes saving of water
Help us colouring children´s life
A game to connect people and create dialogues
Create a community that connects people commited to reduce traffic jams,save money and help the environment
A.B.3....1.2.C : Reduction of Waste/Plastic by redesigned education
Reduce the amount of wasted food in buffet restaurants
Plataforma Online de Produtos Biológicos para aproximar os consumidores dos produtores!
No more wasting time and resources while waiting for loading stuff! Use seconds to save the world!
Tag your stuff. Tell your story. Pass it on when the time is right.
Environmental Information Social Network
We are a recycle focused intervention for schools and our goal is to teach kids how to recycle by playing.
Mudar o mundo através de pequenos passos, despertando o senso de comunidade da vizinhança. #alwaysbetter3orld
Tough Mudder meets Sustainability
Tough Mudder meets Sustainability
Identify your environmental problems and share your solutions to others
A website to connect pwople with passion to local causes
CCT is a movility system that is moved by clean energy produce by the community by cycling on it
The beginning of sustainability is education. It starts with letters
A process to take a problem through the Sustainabot to create a multi-tiered and sustainable solution
Adapt yourself to the change, generate the change
A universal language to connect the world
The social network for sharing your car while earning rewards.
Get people to talk to each other and share tools, skills, resources, and connections, weaving community links
Personal sustainability app inspiring everyday moments of rest and fun. Mindfulness+Playfulness=Social good.
To ensure the children get to learn moral science and etiquette