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We are a recycle focused intervention for schools and our goal is to teach kids how to recycle by playing.

PlayCycla turns kids school recycling education into fun games during breaks once a month, three times a year.
We work with kids from 6 to 11 years old in every school education system, teaching them how recycle PET plastic bottles, papers from all kinds, aluminium, tetra pack and cardboard.
We undercover the recycle education into different kinds of games for the kids during their playing time between school classes.
With a recycle road installed in the playground, we create a fun intervention where the kids move around different recycle stations for the different materials we work with.
We also install recycling stages in every classroom giving kids small challenges for the rest of the time.
And all of the recycled material is gonna be taken away by a national recycling B Corp, Triciclos.
This service gives an AB3 certificate stamp for the school, saying they teach their kids with environmental sustainability education.

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We 've developed all the different parts of the project.

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